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Longevity / Recovery / Vitality / Anti-Aging

The answer to aging is simple when you focus on the root cause within the cells: oxidative stress and mitochondrial definciency.

All age related symptoms and many disease states begin with these two cellular processes. What if we could transform cell health in order to create a cascade of positive effects throughout the entire body? We can with the Theralight 360 Full Body Wellness System.

Our cells need to absorb healthy wavelengths of light (Red and Infrared Light) in order to function at optimum levels.The Theralight 360 Light Full Body Wellness System is designed to feed our cells with the proper light nutrients in order to reduce oxidative stress and increase mitochondrial activity.

Each 10 minute Theralight 360 session transforms cell health by providing the light nutrients our bodies need in order to reduce oxidative stress and increase mitochondrial function through a process called Photobiomodulation:

Photo = Light
Bio = Life
Modulation = Change

boca raton red light therapy
boca red light therapy
  • Joint, Muscle and Nerve Pain Relief
  • Supports Athletic Performance and Recovery
  • Improved Sleep
  • Improved Mood
  • Improved Mitochondrial Function
  • Reduction of Oxidative Stress
  • Skin Anti-Aging
  • Adjunct to Weight Loss with Diet and Exercise

Our Theralight 360 Full Body Wellness System turns back the clock on cell aging and activates your bodies optimum potential for health and vitality through the application of red and near infrared light. The Theralight 360 uses the highest quality, most versatile and most effective red light therapy technologies that ensure high quality outcomes.

The Theralight 360 is formulated with four colors based upon the depth of tissue penetration and what it does once it gets there.

635 nm: Cytocrome C Oxidase absorption in shallow tissues
810 and 850 nm: Cytocrome C Oxidase absorption in deeper tissues
980 nm: High water absoption

What Do Red Therapy Clientsd Say?

"I personally do cryotherapy at least 4 times a week and it keeps me feeling great and recovering quick so I can lift heavy in the gym!  I never bring healing technology I do not personally use myself! Give it a try and you will be a Cryo believer!"

— Dr. Lipman, Himself
boca raton cryotherapy services

"I have never felt better in my life! The feeling is so invigorating and I was able to crush my workout! I try to get in multiple times a week!"

Matt B. 

boca raton cryotherapy services

"My husband gave me a gift certificate for 3 Cryotherapy sessions after I had experienced some low back pain. The cold therapy helped and I also met and was given an adjustment by Dr. Lipman which helped immensely. I was impressed with his knowledge and comprehensive care of the total body, including myofascial release, balancing, massage therapy along with spinal adjustment. I will be back!"

Dina Rizo

boca raton cryotherapy services