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about dr lipman the best chiropractor in boca

Hello, I’m Dr. David Lipman, DC

I approach Health holistically through chiropractic care and advanced alternative technoloogie

My Mission is to provide my patients with expert diagnosis, non-addictive pain relief, swift corrective care for present conditions and an education in preventative care. I am proud to offer my patients progressive therapies that are not offered in many practices including cold laser therapy for pain relief, whole body vibration, orbital training and most importantly my dedication to providing my patients with empathetic, effective and proactive relief.

My Applied Philosophy regarding treating back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, and other conditions is to identify and address the stress our bodies must contend with each day. These stressors mold us in such a way that is counterproductive to our natural weight bearing and movement mechanics. As our postures change to adapt to these stressors, our bodies often experience the pain or inability to correct the imbalance that eventually leads to a host of musculoskeletal problems or pain.

I have owned and operated several fitness-club based health care practices. I am dedicated to offering patients of any age the ability to be as pain-free and fit as they can be and to facilitate the pain relief and strength that comes from structural integrity.

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I find the Root-Cause of your pain and address it!

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