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Class IV Deep Tissue Laser

Deep tissue laser is a therapeutic device that stimulates new cell growth through a process called photobiomodulation. Basically how it works is that the photon energy emitted from the laser stimulates the energy producing part of our cells causing rapid new healthy cell growth. So new healthy tissue is replacing older, inflamed or scar tissue which speeds up the healing process of any injured tissue, including bone, muscle, tendon, ligaments and skin. Also because of the high powered unit, there is a thermal effect which helps to break up adhesions in the fascia, relaxing muscle spasm which enables me to get someone out of pain much quicker.

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Dual Powered Whole Body Vibration Platform

Whole Body vibration therapy is a process that delivers vibrational frequencies into the body. We employ a platform that both vibrates and oscillates which creates a much more effective therapeutic effect. Basically the combined forces cause rapid muscle contracting and relaxation in accelerated succession which reflexively helps to balance the weight bearing and movement patterning of the body. Since all musculoskeletal pain syndromes are caused by the body’s compensation to either single stress incidents (i.e. car accidents) or daily wear and tear, Whole Body vibration helps to reestablish normal weight bearing and movement patterns which reinforces my treatment to resolve pain. Due to the fact that vibrational sensation travels faster to the brain than pain signals, the patient can more comfortably stretch tight muscles using Whole Body vibration which speeds up recovery.

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Impulse GT Device for Mechanical Motion Therapy

Mechanical Motion Therapy is a chiropractic technique which offers patients targeted and significant relief from many physical discomforts. This technique can help alleviate pain and discomfort present across the body, as long as it is related to misalignments of muscles, ligaments, bones, tissue and structural damage. The therapy works by helping to re-calibrate the connection between the body and muscles and joints. By doing so, we can re-set the bodies normal weight bearing and movement patterns which help to resolve the dysfunction that is causing the pain syndrome. In practice we see an immediate reduction of pain, muscle tension and inflammation.

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Lloyd Ultimate Table for Multi-directional decompression and Mobilization

This specialized Chiropractic table enables me to manually decompress, stretch, mobilize and traction individual spinal segments as well as musculature in an effort to reprogram the way in which the spine is bearing weight and moving. Mechanical decompression, which is a widely known therapy for spinal disorders, does not provide the individual segmental affect and only provides axial traction. Using my specialized table, I am able through hands-on manual methods, to mobilize the spine in all of its movement patterns providing a much more comprehensive restoration of function and reduction of pain.

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HyperSphere and Viper 2.0 for Myofascial Release

At Physical Evidence Chiropractic, I have patients use the Hypersphere to pinpoint and release trigger points faster, deeper, and less painfully using high-intensity vibration that can activate, soothe, or loosen muscles/fascial adhesions in the: feet, calves, hamstrings, gluteus, hip flexors, shoulders, back, and forearms. The Hypersphere's high-intensity vibration allows the patient to release tension and targeted areas deeper than a foam roller. Since myofascial adhesions are involved in all musculoskeletal pain syndromes, using this technology is yet another component that we integrate to resolve the patients pain syndromes. We also use the Viper 2.0 for Myofascial Release for larger muscle areas such as the Quadriceps, Gluteal Muscles and paraspinal muscles which are move superficial.

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Hypervolt for Myofascial Release

Another vibrational technology I use, The Hypervolt, allows me to pinpoint and dissipate fascial adhesions and trigger points in order to relieve muscle soreness and stiffness, improve range of motion, increase circulation, and recalibrate muscle tension to become more normalized, enabling the treatment and healing process to be accelerated. I use it prior to the manual myofascial I do by hand, which helps my work to happen faster and more comfortably for the patient. 

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Inversion Therapy

Inversion therapy involves being upside down or at an inverted angle while hanging by the legs, ankles, or feet with the intention of creating a form of spinal decompression and spinal traction. The therapy is not safe for everyone so proper screening is done. In the right instances, it proves to be extremely effective for improving overall spinal health and is another component which I integrate into treatment.

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Myofascial Release

Since all pain syndromes involve myofascial pain, I integrate Myofascial Release, which is a safe and very effective hands-on technique that involves applying gentle sustained pressure into the Myofascial connective tissue restrictions to eliminate pain and restore motion. I combine both passive and active movements with the patient in order to get the body to respond and reboot the normal muscle tension which improves circulation, range of motion while reducing pain.

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Whole Body Cryotherapy

Whole Body Cryotherapy is basically the use of “Cold” therapy, which we incorporate to treat both acute and chronic pain management as the extreme cold and rapid cooling of the body’s surface creates a very favorable physiological response including the reduction of inflammation throughout the body, increased metabolic rate (500-800 calories burned), improved cardiovascular functioning, rapid reduction of muscle soreness be it from injury or exercise, improved mood, improved sleep, increased immune function, increased growth hormone and improved skin tone and overall sense of wellbeing to name a few. 

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Local Cryotherapy

We integrate local cryotherapy to treat localized swelling from injury such as tendinitis, contusions or other bruising. The extreme cold air is focused on a local area of swelling and causes rapid vasoconstriction, reducing the inflammation and soreness on a focused area. We also can use the therapy as a skin rejuvenation process which helps to get rid of fine lines and wrinkles, tightens the skin and closes the pores.

Therapeutic Exercise Instruction

A vital portion of our treatment protocols involves specific exercise therapies which helps to rebuild the foundational and functional strength for patients, which is lost during injuries. We use a specific sequence of exercise including stretching and strengthening in order to help re- engineer the patients structure to not only resolve the current issue but also prevent against future occurrence.

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