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Meet the Boca Raton Chiropractor, Dr. David lipman
As a Chiropractic physician, my Mission is to provide my patients with expert diagnosis, non-addictive pain relief, swift corrective care for present conditions and an education in preventative care. My Chiropractic practice has been an evolutionary reflection of my experience as a Chiropractic patient first and foremost. Having had some very significant injuries starting at a young age and ultimately finding Chiropractic as a solution, combined with my own personal fitness program which also began at a young age, I have learned personally how to manage musculoskeletal pain, personally. Professionally, from my firsthand experience, I provide patients with maintenance solutions so they can remain pain-free and functional, despite acute or chronic injury.

My experiences with pain in combination with my education has given me some unique insight into how to effectively approach patient care. One of the most basic, but key concepts that I have incorporated is the fact that most all healthcare providers and even patients themselves tend to look towards structural damage as the causative factor and focus of care when it comes to treating musculoskeletal pain. My experience has taught me that structural damage is usually the smallest piece to the puzzle while the mechanical compensation by the body to structural damage becomes the real key to effectively correcting the dysfunction that causes pain. Therefore as a Chiropractic Physician, I don’t treat pain, but rather correct the dysfunction that causes pain. By removing the dysfunction, the pain quickly resolves.

I also have incorporated over time many different new and cutting-edge therapies and devices that help me to quickly re-engineer a patient’s mechanical dysfunction to really create the change that is necessary to resolve issues quickly, safely and effectively.

I am proud to offer my patients progressive therapies that are not offered in many practices including Deep Tissue laser therapy for pain relief and accelerated healing, whole body vibration, Mechanical Motion Therapy, Whole Body Cryotherapy, Photo Bio modulation Therapy and others as well, but most importantly my dedication to providing my patients with empathetic, effective and proactive relief.

My Applied Philosophy regarding treating back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, and other conditions is to identify and address the stress our bodies must contend with each day. These stressors mold us in such a way that is counterproductive to our natural weight bearing and movement mechanics. As our postures change to adapt to these stressors, our bodies often experience the pain or inability to correct the imbalance that eventually leads to a host of musculoskeletal problems or pain.

I have owned and operated several fitness-club based health care practices. I am dedicated to offering patients of any age the ability to be as pain-free and fit as they can be and to facilitate the pain relief and strength that comes from structural integrity. If you are looking for a Chiropractor Boca Raton I would be honored to serve you!


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Become Superhuman...




+ Shockwave Therapy
+ Whole Boday Vibration Crystal & Minderal Infused
+ Rapid Release Pro
+ Laser Therapy

WholeBody Cryotherapy
Shockwave Therapy
IV Drip | NAD
Laser Therapy
PEMF Therapy
Lymphatic Drainage | Endospheres |
Local Cryotherapy


Headache Pain
TMJ disorder
Neck & Back Pain
Shoulder Pain
Elbow Pain
Wrist Pain
Hip Pain
Knee Pain
Foot Pain


+ WholeBody Cryotherapy
+ Shockwave Therapy
+ IV Drip | NAD
+ Laser Therapy
+ PEMF Therapy
+ Lymphatic Drainage | Endospheres |
+ Local Cryotherapy
+ Custom Orthotics


Beauty comes from within pair your next facial with light + sound session OR lymphatic drainage.

The Ultimate Beauty Ritual

+ Theralight 360*
+ IV Drip*
+ Whole Body Vibration | Crystal + Mineral Infused |
+ Lymphatic Drainage | Endospheres |

You glow girl...

+ CryoFacials
+ CryoSlimming
+ CryoToning
+ Local Cryotherapy


Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy correct your cellular dysfunction, recharge your cells, and increase energy!
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Lymphatic Drainage | Endospheres |


What is Cryoskin?

Cryoskin is a safe,
non-invasive, and
pain-free way to
reduce the
appearance of
cellulite quickly..




Theralight 360* The photobiomodulation therapy helps improve mitochondrial function, reduce acute & chronic inflammation. improves skin toning, discoloration AND MORE!

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Use our CryoTherapy to reduce inflammation, relieve muscle soreness, improve energy,boost the immune system and more!

+ WholeBody Cryotherapy


I had a good experience with both the Super Human Protocol and the genuine kindness that I received while participating. Dr Lipman is knowledgeable and has a kind way of teaching the benefits of the protocol. I would recommend the SHP for anyone who would like overall health and rejuvenation
- Tim Andrews

Dr Lipman is the best. He’s treated me for 5+ years whether it’s a simple back adjustment or issues with joint rotation he has the knowledge and equipment to get me back to 100%.
- Jessica Harrison

Dr Lipman helped me get a lot of relief for an old injury that had been bothering me for years! I’ve been doing shockwave therapy with him now for 6 treatments and I keep getting more relief each time! Dr Lipman is so knowledgeable and really the best at what he does. The office is very inviting and vibrant place.
- Alec Mussa

My friend sent me to Dr. David because I was in pretty significant pain- after 2 visits, I felt 75 % healed and almost fully after 3. Every aspect of my visits were pleasant, and comfortable even with modalities that were completely new to me. The staff is all lovely as well. I’m very happy to discover them and also to be feeling much much better! Thank you!
- Jamie Wolf

I haven't felt this good in over 10 years!! From being an athlete my whole life, mostly horse back riding and taking many falls off of them, I've had back pain consistently for as long as I can remember, along with various other aches that come and go. Thanks to David Lipman, I finally walk without a limp in my step again. My body feels like it did as a kid, I feel like I could do anything!!! I knew that chiropractic care would help with the aches and pains, but this is much much more than I had expected! I will definitely be referring anyone who asks me about pain relief or chiropractic to him
- Alana Picard